pom-pom flowers

Last year at Alphington Community Centre our charity knitting group was super productive and made so many things … hats, scarves, beanies, dog coats.  It was pretty ace!  

And then they spent a couple of weeks on pom-poms. We had plans to pom-pom bomb our front garden.

And finally, in preparation for our Autumn Fete this past weekend (did you come along?) I put them in place.  They look super I think.

I stuck them on those skinny bamboo canes using a hot glue gun.  So now we have a permanent flower display in our yard.  And every child that passes stops to have a good look and feel the flowers 🌺… it’s pretty cute.

And … if you are in to pom-pom making we are still taking donations – you can just drop your pom-poms off any time and we’ll add them in.  You can never have too many, don’t you think?