wooden box

use no. 3 for a wooden box


This box sits next to the step at the back door and as you can see, I have plants in it. The plants are in terracotta pots, so the box is really just for show. I have previously filled these types of boxes with soil and planted directly into them, but I found that they rotted out very quickly.

I LOVE looking out my lounge room window and seeing this box, particularly at this time of year when the geraniums are flowering and it’s all a bit grey.


gelignite and toadstools

This little box sits in my lounge under my TV.  It was in very bad repair when I got it.

However, I loved the fact that it had dovetail corners even though they were coming apart in some places.  I carefully hammered the joins back together using a rubber mallet.   The timber was also pretty dirty and rough (I think someone had used it in their shed or garden), so I gave it a wash and a very light sand (carefully avoiding the old printing on the box) and then a wax.  This really made the printing more visible.

I screwed some castors on to the bottom, and voila, a great looking, unique and handy box.

As you can see I use it to store my toadstool cushions.  These are a hit with my children.  They sit on them, play with them with their dolls and soft toys and take them outside to use in the garden.   The fabric and fillings came from ikea.    I just sewed the inner cushions into a round shape and cut the corners off.  And I sewed the cushion covers up, left a reasonable hole and stuffed the inner cushions in.  I then sewed up the gap using my sewing machine and matching red cotton.  As the cushions have a laminated finish I don’t ever imagine needing to wash them with anything other than a cloth so sewing them up isn’t a problem.