weeds (looking good)

I love these weeds.  I guess they might not even be weeds.  I am sure they have a name. It’s just that I don’t know what it is as these little plants came with the house.

They just pop up from nothing, and seem to multiply more each year.  And they provide a spot of cheery red in amongst the greenery that turns brownery as a result of the combination of a hot summer and absentee owners for 5 weeks (that’s us of course).


I appreciate a plant that flourishes in such harsh conditions!  Especially when it looks this good cut and in a vase (from the op shop of course).

beaches, mountains and tea

imageNew week. New holiday. Goodbye beach. Hello mountains … we’ve abandoned Rosebud and relocated to Mount Beauty.

I was home overnight. Long enough to do two loads of washing, a food shop and a big cull of clothes.  We just had too much baggage!  And then we jumped in to the car for the four hour drive.

Oh, and I also had time to find a spot for my little Rosebud memento. This cute tea canister. I bought it at Once Upon A Time. Which is one of those antique shops that has stalls. About 50.  And the stall I bought this from was set up beautifully.  Would you have be tempted?


My little canister sitting in amongst the other lovely things on the a.foot stall

thrifty finds #6

I DO like a glass mixing bowl (or two).  I keep a stack in my cupboard.  And use them for … mixing.  These ones remind me of my childhood.  My mum had a set.  The ones above caught my eye at Gumnut Op Shop in Ocean Grove.  And I think they’d be super to use as salad bowls.  Especially the top two that match.  They are just so citrusy.

And then … I found this little orange one to match at Once Upon A Time in Rosebud.image