value city

a new best friend


I am a bit fickle.  But one can afford to be when one (I am of course referring to myself as one) shops second hand. For example, this week I abandoned my old friend the cast iron wok (purchased at Anglesea op shop a couple of summers ago) and have taken up with a new wok that I purchased last week.

It was $15. I bought it at Value City. When I popped in after the school concert … I couldn’t just drive past … when I was right there!

It is a Kitchen Aid wok. And it is GREAT. So far I have used it to cook bolognese and last night lamb rogan josh with eggplant and curry leaves (thanks Patak’s).

Thanks Value City.

oakover road

Soccer.  9.30am on a Sunday.  At the oval at the end of Oakover Road in Preston.

Usually Clive is in charge of soccer, but he had to go to work yesterday, so the responsibility fell to me.

Not to worry, I know where Oakover Road is.  One of my favourite second hand shops is on Oakover Road.

Value City.  Just near the corner of St George’s Road, behind the park.

We drove past it on the way to soccer, but we were running late, and all I was thinking about really was that I wished I had brought a cup of coffee along.  An hour and a half of lovely sunshine and one nice strong coffee later (I LOVE soccer club canteens – they consistently sell great coffee) and I was feeling more relaxed.

So on the way home we called in … just for a little look around …

My daughter headed straight to the book section and sat down to read a book.  They have a nice comfy chair there for stray children like mine.  I had a quick look at clothes and tried a few things on …

And I bought:

  • A lovely blue and black cardigan (cylk).  This cardigan hangs in an interesting way and will be super useful all winter and spring.  And I really love the colours.


  • A great woollen jacket (black plum),  I have trouble walking past jackets, and this one is particularly good! And its boiled wool (an extra special favourite)!


  • A blue, green and white scarf.  It is right in the ‘mid’ colour range which is perfect for me, and



  • A peach top (zara).   I bought this top primarily because I was given a pair of apricot rose earrings for mothers day and I didn’t have anything really to wear them with (which is a shame because I like them a lot) … but now I do.

All for $30.  I brought them home and looked at them again.  And I am very happy.  What a successful 30 minutes!