tip shop

a second hand walk (to the letterbox)


Yesterday I took the kids for a walk.  To the letterbox.  

On the farm the letterbox is a 1km walk.  So it took a while.

Hughie rode his training wheel bike (purchased at the tip shop).  And wore the gumboots that I bought him for $2 at Spensely Street fete.  And gave him for our second hand Christmas.

And Mietta wore a gorgeous little hand-me-down dress.

And I took the double Urban Buggy pram that I picked up in hard rubbish somewhere near Moonee Valley a few years ago now (all it needed was new tyres.  What a great find!).  It was my back up for when Mietta started slowing down.

And I won’t even start on what I was wearing …

But it was definitely a second hand walk to the letterbox.

P.S.  Sorry I missed a post yesterday.  You can blame the hopeless Optus network in this neck of the woods …

when in doubt craft


Yesterday I cheered myself up with a bit of crafting. Macramé. Again. Sometimes it’s just nice to produce something … This time instead of using thin pink string I used that nice chunky string/synthetic yarn I got from the tip shop a while ago.

I have made two planters out of it. I have enough left for one more shorter one. And I have to tell you that macramé is so much quicker with a fat yarn!

Even though mustard isn’t my most favourite colour I really quite like them. Especially with my pudding bowls in them … So now I just need to look out for some more pudding bowls so I have something to cook with …

just what every crowded house needs – a mannequin

Remember that film where the guy falls in love with the mannequin and it comes to life.  What was it called?  Oh, that’s right, Mannequin (I just googled it).  Released in 1987.  If you haven’t seen it, it is really good, well not really, just sort of good in a teenagers way … you should get it on video – if you’ve still got a video player (I can’t imagine that it actually ever became a DVD).

Anyway, I always want a mannequin, but whenever you go to op shops and they have them they aren’t for sale.  Op shops usually keep them for displaying stuff in the store.

But on the weekend I called into the tip shop (Outlook Environment Centre at Reservoir tip) and picked up a great black half body female (no head) for the bargain price of $5.


Isn’t she gorgeous …

So today I present my new mannequin, wearing:

This super black and white Country Road shirt I picked up last week at the op shop.  I think I might start my Ebay career with this (I need to talk to my friend Bettina about strategy first though – she’s a GREAT Ebay seller).


And, this lovely red 3/4 length sleeve Gorman jumper which I also purchased last week.  Maybe I should Ebay this as well? Although this clear red is my red.


And this indiany top/dress which I picked up and tried on with my aunty in mind, but then decided to keep for myself (sorry Adele).


And lastly this great wool cardigan that I think was designed specifically to capture the style of my sister Merryn who invariably does her buttons up crooked – sorry Mez, I am thinking of you with love …

Gee, they all look extra good on my new mannequin (and I think actually pulling out the iron and using it may have helped too).