the farm

down on the farm


tractors and farm sheds and the Grampians in the background

We are at Merryn and Pricey’s farm for a couple of days. We left Melbourne in glorious sunshine and travelled west into the rain.

But how beautiful are the Grampians with drizzle in spring … We are so lucky to be able to come to such a beautiful place  ( …and ONLY a solid 4 hours drive away). The farm is in Mooralla near Cavendish on the western side of the Grampians.


Jemima in front of Pricey’s impressive steaming compost heap … with a view to the Grampians and the hills where the bushfires were last year.

We’ve come to bring the 4 roosters back. The crowing was driving me crazy in the city … and 7 chickens is at least 4 too many in Fairfield.

We’ve put them in the farmhouse aviary and they are now exploring the garden. I think they’ll be happy on the farm.

And I have taken some photos of my favourite things on the farm.  I love the old paving that remains from the cattle yards.  I always think a table and chairs would be nice down here.  The view is spectacular.  And the old hay shed that Pricey’ grandpa built is great.  They cut the posts themselves of course.  It would be a fabulous start to a mud brick or straw bale house (we stayed in a house a bit like this in Tassie when the kids were little). And the old dairy is a great building.   And I love the rusty truck (hello little sheep – what are you doing here?).


And look, sun peaking in to the shearing shed.  It is just so … Australian.