love in a terrarium

Ever since I took photos at Mich and Drew’s house I have been thinking about making a terrarium.  Because Mich’s terrarium was so fun.  Pimarily because of the scene it depicted …  if you’ve forgotten, or missed it, you can read it here.

So I was super happy when my friend Wendy gave me nearly all the bits and pieces to make one myself.  She found a round glass fish tank at the op shop for herself (I was jealous) and then chased around and bought activated charcoal, sphagnum moss and gravel and made her own.  And she had lots of supplies left over at the end, so she gave them to me.

I have been consciously on the look out for my own second hand bowl ever since.  But then I found a first hand one in Kmart for $9.  So I bought it.  Given that the supplies were free and I had been cultivating some succulents in the garden along with an orchid (that looks a bit tired but will hopefully revive itself) for when I found the perfect vessel, I didn’t think it would break the bank.



Here’s the activated charcoal sitting at the bottom of the terrarium. Then I added potting mix and planted the plants before adding sphagnum moss and small stones to cover it all up.  I hope I did it right?


And ta-da, now I have made it … my very own version of love in a terrarium.  And my story goes like this …

See the princess with the long hair dancing on the podium at Retro Nightclub (at the St Frances Hotel in the city)?  That’s my uni friend Katrina (although actually she has blond hair, but never mind). See the other princess dancing on the other podium?  That’s me (although I was wearing an aqua blue chinese top that night, details, details)!  See the handsome prince on the dance floor wearing a tux … that’s Clive.  He was wearing a really tatty ‘stop the embargo … something about Cuba blah blah blah’ t-shirt the night we met so a tux isn’t exactly right, but he does have short brown hair!

So, what happened next?  Well Katrina knew Clive, and introduced him to me.  And it was love on the dance floor (so early 20s) … and a wedding … and three babies!

So beautiful!?

I raided the kids toy box for the tiny figurines.  I might recreate the scene with smurfs next …

It’s so fun … I am loving my terrarium.