the a frame

imageIf you have a holiday at an ‘A’ frame house you just know it’s going to be a good one, don’t you think?

Particularly in Australia where there is no need what-so-ever for a roof pitch that steep (unless you’re right at the snow … and it could be handy in a bushfire I guess … but I am sure this wasn’t the motivation when the majority were built in the 1960s and 70s). It’s a housing style purely for the dreamers and more romantic at heart I think.


How’s the view? Nice huh?

This one in Mount Beauty is a ripper. Great view. Spiral staircase. Super 70s/80s op shop fitout.  For example, check out this coffee cup. It’s going to be a pleasure to drink from this every day!


And a brown tiled kitchen bench. Lovely!

Balcony. BBQ. Friends. A few games … I think we brought enough, don’t you?


holiday games

IMG_0050I am sure there’s a saying that the family that plays (board games) together stays together. I hope so.

Rummikub is one of our favourites. Elise bought this one for her caravan at the op shop. We’ve played it heaps these holidays. And upwords. And Clive has been teaching the kids chess.

And everyone loves card games too. This year I am so excited that the kids have learnt canasta (thanks nanna and grandpa) and 500. Add in about 20 versions of patience, may I, spit and spoons … and there’s barely any time left for the beach …

I love holiday games.

a stocktake for the new year

I have had so many internet access problems these holidays.  So please forgive my erratic posting!  Anyway, today is a decidedly first world problems and generally super cheery stocktake. That’s because life is good. Which really IS good right? Here we go. I am:

loving summer and the view out the window


trying to take a long walk every day

catching up on movies with the kids, watching How To Train Your Dragon 2 and A Little Princess

cooking paella with my new pan (my Christmas present from Clive)

reading a lot. I have just started The Secret River

enjoying coffee from this cup. I bought it for myself for $2 at the op shop


dreaming about lemon curd ice cream (there’s a new ice cream shop open near the Aireys Inlet General Store and it’s GOOD)

listening to the surf

looking forward to the spending a WHOLE day swimming

wishing for endless holidays

contemplating what I could cook next. I am keen to try these recipes from the Australian Gourmet Traveller Seafood cookbook (another #opshopbook)


buying house magazines (new)


meaning to find out about yoga on the beach (I’ve seen inspiring posters from a distance, but haven’t followed up the details)

feeling happy

I hope the New Year is proving good for you too!