thrifty finds #10

The lightest olive and red striped pot holders. With a cute little pale yellow trim.

A pretty fun buy for 50 cents each. I love country op shops.


beaches, mountains and tea

imageNew week. New holiday. Goodbye beach. Hello mountains … we’ve abandoned Rosebud and relocated to Mount Beauty.

I was home overnight. Long enough to do two loads of washing, a food shop and a big cull of clothes.  We just had too much baggage!  And then we jumped in to the car for the four hour drive.

Oh, and I also had time to find a spot for my little Rosebud memento. This cute tea canister. I bought it at Once Upon A Time. Which is one of those antique shops that has stalls. About 50.  And the stall I bought this from was set up beautifully.  Would you have be tempted?


My little canister sitting in amongst the other lovely things on the a.foot stall

thrifty finds #1

How cute are these?

A lovely minty green and in mint condition. I love that the top REALLY is a cup.

$4 each at Seaside Seconds, the Anglesea op shop.