second hand melbourne

morning tea

Yellow’s everywhere isn’t it?  Instead of purchasing a ceramic pineapple or owl (the two favoured yellow homeware items I’ve noticed everywhere of late) I’ve introduced a bit more yellow into my life with these dried flowers. I bought them from Lord Butler.

what a beautiful florist with so many great ideas.   It's not usually open, just while the elk sale was on (it's in the same building).

So many beautiful ideas for floral arrangments and plants and all things associated.  I walked out of this studio/warehouse seriously contemplating learning floristry.  Lord Butler isn’t usually open to walk in off the street, just while the elk sale was on (it’s in the same building).

And I have put them into my Nanna’s silver vase.  Which is perfect.  Because I don’t like to put water in this vase (I have this vague idea that it’s not good for the silver, right?  Or am I mistaken?)  and these flowers don’t need any.  I probably should polish the vase, shouldn’t I?  But then again, if I do it will show up all the other tarnished silver things I have.  And then I might be endlessly polishing silver. So on second thoughts, I think I’ll just leave it as is.


I’ve got the vase on my kitchen table.  The flowers look great with the yellow Johnson cups and plates that I have out at the moment. And the saucer.  It’s one of my favourites. Myott.  So cheery.


I love green (rice cookers)


I know. It’s sad. I traded in my super flash 20 million cup rice cooker for a dinky old one just because of the colour …

And the instruction book was pretty groovy too. And the cord.  And the button.  And the lid and handle.


Actually, I do still have the old one. I just prefer this one.  The old (new) one languishes at the back of the cupboard, while this one is front and centre, cheering me up whenever I peek in at my appliances.


when a cafe is better than a milk bar


There used to be the world’s worst local shop on Thomson Street Northcote. A milk bar that never had anything you needed, was dreadfully dark and dreary with bars on the windows, and to top it off NEVER open.

When it closed (finally, completely) I was so hoping that something good would replace it.

And it did. Some locals turned it into a cafe, Thomson Street Foodstore.

I have to say that MY MOST FAVOURITE MUFFIN EVER came from here … It was vanilla and lemon curd. Sooooo good. I still think about it.

I love this sort of cafe. Catering to the neighbourhood, with shared tables and some outdoor seats bringing life back to suburban streets. There is always someone in there. And it feels like home.

And yes, there’s some second hand stuff. Check out the ceramic ware on the shelves! How 1980s. And the big table is recycled. And my coffee came on a great yellow floral saucer – that’s enough to cheer anyone up!


This time when I visited had avocado toast. With feta and seeds and a lemon wedge. Yum.