school fete

i don’t want you to be jealous but …

So, North Fitzroy Primary School fete was on yesterday and I CLEANED UP!  In the world of second hand shopping I have to say I did pretty well for myself this year.

I don’t want to go on TOO MUCH.


But …. I got this great Sisken handbag for $3. It costs $350 new.


AND I got this Marimekko backpack for $3. It costs $150 new.  So that’s $500 in value for a $6 outlay.

And I got a great pair of Everybody shoes for me ($5),and this Sparkle and Fade 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt that matches ($2) and is a great colour for me, and an excellent shape, and also this stripey Lush t-shirt that I could wear with the shoes as well ($2).


I got Jemima a pair of Country Road velour trackie pants (I love trackies that go in at the bottom like these) and a pair of Campers sandals.


I got Scarlett a chunky jumper, Big by Fiona Scanlan, and pair of navy Sun San sandals (that have covered toes so she can wear them to school).


And continuing the blue theme (I really did buy a lot of blue didn’t I) I bought India a blue Country Road long sleeve t-shirt and a Polarn O. Pyret denim skirt.

This is why I LOVE primary school fetes.  And the chicken souvlaki was delicious yet again (thanks Georgie).


This is the post I was going to do last week.  I half wrote it, and then got distracted by Rocco … you can see that the jigsaws sit on the same shelf as Rocco.

Anyway, today I am finishing it.


Jemima loves jigsaws. And so we have quite a few at our house. Not too many though.  I did a cull last year and just kept the best ones.  I was very pleased to send all those ‘first jigsaws’, you know the wooden ones with handles and 5 pieces, to a new home via our school fete.

All our jigsaws are second hand I think. I have bought them mostly from school fetes.  Except the Degas one, which came from the op shop in the car park behind Fairfield shops.


I am partial to jigsawing myself, particularly on holidays … The Degas one is really mine … I just let the kids have a bit of a go at it!