candlesticks etc.

When I was at Ikea I also bought these candlesticks. They are made of metal. And I bought the candles to go with them. I bought them to go on the mantle in our bedroom. A bit more black … anchoring …


I think they look super with this clock that I inherited from my Nanna. And see the picture on the wall …


It is the ultimate creative second hand pieced together project … I bought the painting at Coburg market because it took my fancy, and I reframed it in this frame that I bought at Wales Street Primary School fete. From the trash and treasure stall. And the mat I bought at Reverse Art Truck in Ringwood. And I cut it with the mat cutting tool I borrowed from Elise … See?

blogging and dusting

Sometimes I look around for something to write about and I think, for example, yes, I could write about those little bottles I collected and turned into oil diffusers. And then I go to take a photo, and I think, yes, I really haven’t dusted for a while.

So, my point is that writing a blog can help you keep your house clean!

As to the bottles, I did have the AMAZING? idea of collecting interesting bottles and filling them with essential oils and reeds for our second had Christmas a couple of years ago.

It was after I had been to Camberwell market and seen the bottles at the bottle stall. I went back the next week full of enthusiasm but the bottle man wasn’t there. He only has his stall once a month. Luckily for me someone else had a collection of bottles (with lids). For a dollar or two each. Perfect.


bottles at the bottle man (not his official name of course) at Camberwell market

I then bought some carrier oil (almond or maybe safflower I think – it has to be a light oil), added quite a few drops of essential oils and a dash of vodka to help the oil soak into the reeds.  Note you need to shake the oil and vodka and essential oils to mix them together.

Obviously then all I needed was the reeds. But I couldn’t find them in large bundles (ie packet of 100 or so ) anywhere.  And you can’t use skewers (they don’t soak up the oil).

It turns out that you can buy reeds from online candle supply shops. Who would have guessed ….

Anyway, they were a very successful present. And having a lid on the ones I gave away meant I didn’t spill the oil all over the other presents.   And making them with an oil base rather than a water base is worth it – they last for ages.

So, look out for some interesting bottles and you too could be thinking craft, dusting and blogging all in the same breath (of delightfully lavender, bergamot and orange oil scented air).


this bottle I got at the op shop – to add to the ‘new blue’ theme at my house