more maps on stools …

I bought these stools at least a month ago, maybe two. From the Salvos in Abbotsford.  Someone had done – really and truly – the worst job EVER in recovering them.  They used blockout curtain material?  And just folded the corners.  When I saw these stools in the op shop they were crying out for reupholstering.  They looked so dreadful I just couldn’t pass them by.



this is what they looked like when I bought them … somehow I don’t think they were upholstered by a professional

So I brought them home and re-covered one of them prety much straight away.  And cut out the fabric for the second one.  But just didn’t get around to finishing it off (suprise, surprise). Instead I left it and the associated paraphernalia all spread out on the table out under the verandah, and then, when the weather was bad a couple of weeks ago I bundled it all up and put it in the studio.  And I haven’t got around to it again.

But as you know, this week I am feeling inspired to spring clean, and this unfinished stool project was on my mind.  Because then I can put away the upholstery tools and the box of tea towels that is inevitably strewn around the place as I search for exactly the right fabric with the right pattern.


So … yesterday I finally finished the second one.  Hooray!

As you can see they feature a tea towel of Flinders Island.

I am planning to sell these bar stools.  Because I don’t need them.  I just enjoy making them.  Upholstering is so satisfying.

I chose this tea towel because I like the colours, but I hope I haven’t limited my market too much … I just looked up the population of Flinders Island, and it was only 897 in 2005…. yikes.

Hopefully somone in the market for quirky bar stools has been there for a nice holiday.  Or comes from Tasmania and so feels somewhat connected.  Or just like maps of Australia, even if they haven’t visited that exact island ….