primary school

i don’t want you to be jealous but …

So, North Fitzroy Primary School fete was on yesterday and I CLEANED UP!  In the world of second hand shopping I have to say I did pretty well for myself this year.

I don’t want to go on TOO MUCH.


But …. I got this great Sisken handbag for $3. It costs $350 new.


AND I got this Marimekko backpack for $3. It costs $150 new.  So that’s $500 in value for a $6 outlay.

And I got a great pair of Everybody shoes for me ($5),and this Sparkle and Fade 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt that matches ($2) and is a great colour for me, and an excellent shape, and also this stripey Lush t-shirt that I could wear with the shoes as well ($2).


I got Jemima a pair of Country Road velour trackie pants (I love trackies that go in at the bottom like these) and a pair of Campers sandals.


I got Scarlett a chunky jumper, Big by Fiona Scanlan, and pair of navy Sun San sandals (that have covered toes so she can wear them to school).


And continuing the blue theme (I really did buy a lot of blue didn’t I) I bought India a blue Country Road long sleeve t-shirt and a Polarn O. Pyret denim skirt.

This is why I LOVE primary school fetes.  And the chicken souvlaki was delicious yet again (thanks Georgie).

a few new things …

Ok, it’s a quick blog today.  On Saturday I went to Spensely Street Primary School fete and got so much great stuff.

Including this lovely Olga Berg bag.  I’ve got a couple of Olga Berg bags.  They always catch my eye.



And this fab. red necklace that is made of silicon (I think it might be one of those chewable ones for Mum’s with teething children …clearly that’s not me but I love the necklace anyway).  It looks super with the Juicy Bear red and white striped t-shirt that I bought a while ago at the Salvos op shop at Anglesea.


And speaking of which, I also bought this black Juicy Bear long sleeve t-shirt at the Spensely Street fete.  Black long sleeve tops are my stand by.


And this dark grey drapey linen Essence top/vest.  It looks really nice on. I bought it with Elise in mind, but I think I’ll keep it for myself.  And the necklace in the photo you have seen before.  I got it at Westgarth fete last weekend.  It matches the new pants I bought on Thursday at Camberwell Salvos that are sage green.


And I got lots of stuff for the kids at Spensely Street as well,  including this Fred Bear t-shirt and this super kitsch hello kitty hand knit for Scarlett.  They’re pink and cute so she loves them both (when you are 6 it’s all about pink isn’t it?  I’m OK with that).

And there’s so much more, more, more …  I think I might need to get realistic about capacity in our house and have a bit of a wardrobe cull.  Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

primary school fetes really are great

Fete season has arrived in our neck of the woods. Over the next month or two I plan my weekend around a school fete.  The ones at the top of my list (that I never miss) are Westgarth, Spensely Street, North Fitzroy and Clifton Hill.  And I think they happen in that order.

Westgarth was yesterday. I don’t always buy lots at this one, but I know lots of people at the school so it’s a social event.  It’s like a gentle and friendly lead in to ‘fete season’ for me.

This year I didn’t buy any clothes at all. Not to worry, my all time favourite clothes shopping fete is Spensely Street in Clifton Hill, and it’s on next Saturday.

Although … I did buy some jewellery from the clothes stall. $1 a piece.  Pretty good I reckon.  And a nice red Oroton wallet. It’s a bit worn, but that’s OK.  Oroton wallets last for ever.  And I quite like changing my wallet every now and then … and I don’t have a red one.


I also bought a few books at the book stall.  Two cook books for $2 each.  I am keen to get my head around tapas so that I have some trusty options under my belt.  This cookbook has a few recipes I am keen to try out. And I bought the sushi cook book to get some good ideas for fillings.  It also tells you how to roll the cone shaped sushi, tells you the history of sushi options and gives you a recipe to pickle your own vegetables.  Which is just the sort of info that I like.


And I also bought a couple of novels. The Getting Of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson, and The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler.  You’ve probably read them, but I haven’t.  I am looking forward to them both.

And now I can hardly wait for Spensely Street next weekend. I am not even taking the kids (I hope). Just me and those super second hand stalls.

Fete season … Yay!

One of my favourite times of the year.