use no. 2 for a ginger jar

imageMy friend Geanette found this little ginger jar somewhere (I forgot to ask where) and she thought of me (and my blue collecting) and gave it to me.  She dropped it off at my front door on Christmas Eve with a batch of warm brownies … a very unexpected Christmas present.

How nice!

I thought hard about how to use it, and then decided to turn it in to a little planter.  I put some charcoal in the bottom to provide a little drainage.  Then I added potting mix and an indoor plant that I know doesn’t mind wet feet (or roots as it may be).

Cute hey?  Thanks so much Geanette!

use no. 3 for a wooden box


This box sits next to the step at the back door and as you can see, I have plants in it. The plants are in terracotta pots, so the box is really just for show. I have previously filled these types of boxes with soil and planted directly into them, but I found that they rotted out very quickly.

I LOVE looking out my lounge room window and seeing this box, particularly at this time of year when the geraniums are flowering and it’s all a bit grey.