love handles

imageOoh. I love these. Really love. And so I bought them.

I just can’t decide whether to use them on the drawers in India’s room. Or the drawers in the lounge room. Or on the wardrobes. I bought the four for $15 at Once Upon A Time at Rosebud. I think I might hunt around for a few more before I decide. I will keep you updated …

thrifty finds #6

I DO like a glass mixing bowl (or two).  I keep a stack in my cupboard.  And use them for … mixing.  These ones remind me of my childhood.  My mum had a set.  The ones above caught my eye at Gumnut Op Shop in Ocean Grove.  And I think they’d be super to use as salad bowls.  Especially the top two that match.  They are just so citrusy.

And then … I found this little orange one to match at Once Upon A Time in Rosebud.image

johnson ware (love)

I think I am sort of addicted. Because even though I know I shouldn’t buy it and use it – because I hate hand washing dishes and I keep wrecking beautiful things in the dishwasher – I just find it so hard to pass up lovely patterned Johnson ware.

However, I am not going to think about the practicalities.  I choose to live in the moment and enjoy what I’ve got.


See how lovely it looks. The cream cup has a more classic design than lots of the Johnson ware I own. I’ve combined it with a pastel pink saucer (very morning tea in a church hall don’t you think?).  And added in this side plate with gorgeous little wildflowers on it.

Hold on, I’ll just eat those little lemon filled pastries that Scarlett and Clive bought (how lucky am I) and take a proper photo.

… There you go. Cute huh? Excuse the slight dusting of icing sugar…