op shop

thrifty finds #6

I DO like a glass mixing bowl (or two).  I keep a stack in my cupboard.  And use them for … mixing.  These ones remind me of my childhood.  My mum had a set.  The ones above caught my eye at Gumnut Op Shop in Ocean Grove.  And I think they’d be super to use as salad bowls.  Especially the top two that match.  They are just so citrusy.

And then … I found this little orange one to match at Once Upon A Time in Rosebud.image

holiday games

IMG_0050I am sure there’s a saying that the family that plays (board games) together stays together. I hope so.

Rummikub is one of our favourites. Elise bought this one for her caravan at the op shop. We’ve played it heaps these holidays. And upwords. And Clive has been teaching the kids chess.

And everyone loves card games too. This year I am so excited that the kids have learnt canasta (thanks nanna and grandpa) and 500. Add in about 20 versions of patience, may I, spit and spoons … and there’s barely any time left for the beach …

I love holiday games.

made in Japan (good vibrations)

I just couldn’t decide on the title to this post. So, in the end I have combined my ideas into one.

But cross-pollination is a bit of a theme for today … let me explain.

Rosebud has about 20 gazillion op shops. An oldie but a goodie is the Rosebud Hospital Op Shop, in a funny mixed use shopping court. And for years it has had a shonky neighbour in the form of Club X, and then Nepean Building Permits on the corner at the front … It’s an odd mix all round.

Whenever I drive in to the associated under-utilised car park I wonder which of the cars belong to the op shop and which to the Club X patrons. Immature I know, but it keeps me amused.

With this in mind I did a little bit of a double take today when I spotted this lovely green box in the op shop and went up for a closer look (just to clarify once again … the op shop is next to Club X, but is NOT Club X).


Yes. The writing says ‘national vibrator’.

Really? Really. How interesting. Actually I was nearly bursting at the seams to see what was inside. Truly.

But then I got a bit self conscious. I am not sure that used vibrators would be considered cool? And maybe people who look at them might be looked at oddly? And so I wandered over to look at these lovely cups, ‘made in Japan’. They are pretty groovy aren’t they?


I contemplated buying them … and waited for the loud op shop volunteer to MOVE AWAY FROM THE NATIONAL VIBRATOR BOX.

Finally she did. And then I sidled back for a second look. This time I opened the box to see what was inside … TA DA! … and it was made in Japan (too). And it made my day (too).  I really am clearly very immature.


So, what do you think?  Would you buy a National Vibrator from an op shop? It’s too funny isn’t it?