op shop

thrifty finds #8


The Mount Beauty op shop is only open from 10am to 12.30pm. It consists of two rooms and it is very hit and miss. But I hunted around and found a few treasures. Including this Elk top for 50 cents.

It’s pretty great huh? I went straight home and washed it and wore it. And it’s been my go to top for chillier summer nights (and the last couple of days – what’s with the weather?).

It is like wearing your own snugly blanket.

thrifty finds #7

I am still collecting blue things. I don’t want to get too carried away of course. But these little ceramic coasters are pretty cute. And will be handy. We often use coasters on the timber table in the lounge room. And they only cost $1. Thanks Mount Beauty op shop.

driving shoes

imageI have this thing. What happens is that when I am sitting down, and my feet dangle because I can’t touch the ground (like ALWAYS on an aeroplane) I get this ache in my knee. Or, if I sit with my knees in a slightly awkward outstretched position for too long.  Like when I am driving …

And Elise gets it. And Dad gets it in the same place. So it’s a family thing.

But I have found a solution. When I am driving at least.  High heel shoes.

I often feel a bit OVERDRESSED rocking up to Merryn’s farm, or the beach, or a camping site in high heels. But it works. So I go there.

These are my latest driving heels. Corkies. They are super comfy. I bought them at the op shop.

The gold is a bit dressed up. The cork is a bit dressed down. Tan is a bit more casual than black?

These are my ‘driving shoes’ for summer 2014/15.