i’ve been making … stars

Here’s how it goes. I start a crafty project, get enthused, make heaps … and then I move on. So the old project gets finished up and the associated bits and pieces get packed up and put away.

I do this all the time. So my studio is full of little tubs of things like extra macrame string (remember that project) and a few tea towels (a good box full) for upholstering with …

And blue beads I made with Japanese transfer paper that have been sitting quietly in the cupboard for a whole year.

But then, inevitably I come up with another new idea that sees me digging into my leftover supplies … and thanking my lucky stars that I had just the right thing on hand when I needed it.

Hello blue beads! I was so glad to see you this week. You were just what I was wanting for my new star dangles* project.


I bought the stars at the Bed, Bath and Table factory outlet on Lygon Street, East Brunswick. Big fat chunky wooden stars painted white. I was instantly attracted. With a metal loop in the top. They were Christmas decorations. But they had all this fussy ribbon on them, which had gotten tangled and frayed. So they were on the bargain table and I got them for 50 cents each.

I came home and took all the ribbon off and threaded the now tidy stars on a long piece of wire. And I added a touch of me with beads. The white ones were my first addition. I bought them at an op shop on a necklace. I just knew they’d come in handy. Then I added the blue beads for a bit of colour. And finally I added some grey polymer clay beads. Just for a bit of interest (only blue and white is boring right?).

I am pretty happy with the outcome. What do you think?

* well it’s not a suncatcher and it’s not a kids mobile …




driftwood mobiles

Yesterday morning I did a bit of online Pinterest research. If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll be able to guess where I am heading, as I pinned about 10 driftwood related things in 15 minutes.

Yes, I collected more driftwood at the beach last week.  And came home inspired to use it.

I dropped the kids at school and headed home by myself, in peace (yay!) to assess my driftwood collection and the other materials I had hanging around that I could use.

I really want to make a driftwood light. But I am still not sure how to go about it. I think I need to check out what’s available re. fun bulbs and cords. And then think about what I could do. I have pinned some inspiration for this when I am ready.

In the meantime I decided to build on my previous driftwood mobile experience, but this time add a bit of pizazz. It sounds like I am about to get out a bedazzler doesn’t it … but no … I got out the polymer clay instead. And spent about an hour making some nice chunky beads.

Then I did a whole lot of boring stuff.  I went to the mechanic and picked up the car .. and did a post holiday massive food shop and put some dinner on in the slowcooker (if It works I’ll do a post on this because it is quite inspired!!) … And then I began to construct.

I tried about a million different combinations of beads and driftwood. This is where I got to at the end of the day. Driftwood at the bottom, beads at the top.  A rusty old washer to finish it off.

I have made two with yellow beads, and two with pastel pink beads. I have lots more beads and wood. I just need to drill more holes.

I think I like them.  Last night I put them up where my fluorescent macrame planters have been hanging, and they were spinning in the wind. They really looked quite fun.