the emu in our garden

Yesterday I did some gardening. I filled the whole green bin just with the weeds that had popped up along the front fence. Aagh.  I think I need to borrow Dad’s trailer for a tip run.  Anyway, weeding is a nice job to do on a spring day. And it’s community minded isn’t it? I am sure my neighbours appreciate my efforts.

And now passers by might notice our emu again.


Pricey (my brother-in -law Chris) made it a couple of years ago and gave it to me for Christmas (it fits right in to the second hand/home made criteria). He’s got a whole collection of rusty bits and bobs on the farm, and every now and then he does a bit of welding, and produces great things like this!!! Isn’t she lovely, She’s got the BEST eyelashes. And the shearing combs look great on the top of her head.

I love my emu. It really is nice to be able to see her again.