potting and hanging

I am getting ready for the Fairfield Primary School Makers Market on this Friday night from 3.30pm-8.30pm.  I think there are going to be loads of great stalls.  I plan to finish my Christmas shopping there.

And I am having a stall.  Oh, I have made so many things …


Yesterday I potted up my pudding bowls. I put some charcoal in the bottom for drainage. And filled them with ‘pots of colour’. I want to sell my macrame planters, and I think some plants will make them look nice.

One job ticked off the list.  But still I have so much to do (I am also cooking the food …)

Maybe I’ll see you on Friday night?  I’ll be the one looking frazzled in the kitchen.


when in doubt craft


Yesterday I cheered myself up with a bit of crafting. Macramé. Again. Sometimes it’s just nice to produce something … This time instead of using thin pink string I used that nice chunky string/synthetic yarn I got from the tip shop a while ago.

I have made two planters out of it. I have enough left for one more shorter one. And I have to tell you that macramé is so much quicker with a fat yarn!

Even though mustard isn’t my most favourite colour I really quite like them. Especially with my pudding bowls in them … So now I just need to look out for some more pudding bowls so I have something to cook with …

what i did instead of the cleaning

We were so cross on Monday morning.  The house was a mess, we hadn’t done the washing etc. etc.  Clive had a list of about 10 things to do on the weekend but all he got to do was drive the kids to parties and install a fish pond, which as you can imagine created mud EVERYWHERE, mud on the path, footprints on the carpet … BUT it is going to be great (and I am looking forward to adding fish to our family).

Then on Sunday it was Mother’s Day, and I didn’t do anything helpful, I just sat around waiting for breakfast in bed and looked at Pinterest and Instagram – excellent work family!

It was sort of my downfall …

On Monday we both agreed that we should have done more of the essential stuff on the weekend.  Clive was rushing for work, and so I said ‘don’t worry, just leave it, I’ll do it today’.

BUT THEN … I couldn’t stop thinking about macrame … which I had been looking at on Pinterest on Sunday as I waited for my bacon and eggs.

So, I sidelined my cleaning plans and spent the day making macrame hanging baskets instead.  It took me a couple of hours to go to Masters and Bunnings and find some interesting string and other bits and pieces.  I watched a great ‘how to’ YouTube clip to refresh my childhood macrame skills (I am sure like MY mum, YOUR mum had a house of home made macrame planters in the early 1980s).

Then I vaguely followed the instructions on how to tie basic macrame knots to come up with this!  It looks simple, but it took me ages to make, I got all tangled up in the string, and it kept getting uneven up the top … quite a tricky business really, especially the first time.   I used some second hand washers and some nuts that were hanging around for a bit of a rusty, industrial feel.


the tin of rusty washers –

I am quite pleased with the result, although I am not sure why I chose fluorescent pink – it did seem fun at the time – but it really doesn’t go with anything at MY house.  I have resorted to hanging it outside.  I will have to make sure the geraniums in the pot are pink – that might tie it in and tone it down a bit!

But how great does it look with the Quality Streets tin (rusty with touches of pink – perfect).  I finished it at about 3.20pm, just in time for the school pick up.


the hint of pink in the Quality Streets tin ties in with the macrame –

At 4pm, after collecting the kids I did 2 loads of washing and cleaned the kitchen sink (and put the dishwasher on).  A bit of an improvement on things.

But then after tea I was straight back to the macrame (this time in blue).  It was much easier the second time.  I added in some snazzy blue wall plugs for a bit of extra fun.

And the housework, well I am SURE the housework will wait …


I made this one to match my bathroom – but then realised I had no way to suspend it from my dodgy 13 foot lath and plaster ceiling –