long weekend

hiking (part 2)


Oh, we are so tired. Man … I chose the walk (I can’t blame anyone else) because it was 1. only 4.7 km long and 2. in the Victoria Range, right near Mezzy’s house. And it would have been perfect, except it was the hardest walk I have ever done … Well nearly … Well for a long time. Well DEFINITELY with kids. The sign at the start did say ‘warning strenuous hiking ahead’. Maybe we should have taken more notice …


The kids were troopers. They carried their sleeping bags, mats and clothes, and a water bottle each. Most of the way. The ‘2 hour’ walk in took 4 hours. Steeply up hill, with sand and rocks, and then a big steep slippery descent at the end. And we weren’t going slow. There were a group of teenagers with a guide who took the same time as us. And the walk out took about the same. We thought it would be easier being mostly downhill, but no … A big steep climb at the start out of the valley, and then a few hours with rocks and slippery sand. Every step was a potential fall or twisted ankle.

BUT … It was so beautiful …

We camped at the oasis hikers camp. It had a little creek running through it and an amazing cave/overhang to sleep under. Previous campers had created tables and chairs and benches from stones in the cave (can we notionally nominate this as the recycled/reused/second hand element of the post, because we made good use of them).


Along the was we saw 5 stumpy tail lizards (Jemima patted one of them), kangaroos and emus.

I am not sure I’d do that particular walk again (it was called The Fortress/Mt Thackery overnight hike) with little kids, but really, it was ace! I was so proud of the kids. And it all was so, so, so beautiful. The little spring flowers. The whole place regenerating after the fires. India and I agreed the bush looked like that painting … The Lost Child???

The kids had a great time exploring all the little caves around the camp area.


And Clive’s catering including cream of chicken soup, dehydrated chilli with with brown rice (our dehydrator is great) and chocolate pudding was spectacular!! Poor Clive has the worst blisters. The rest of us just have a couple bruises from slipping over.