savers 50% off

Yesterday Savers had a sale. I found out via Instagram. So it was just me and 20 gazillion others at the Sydney Road store looking for even-more-of-a-bargain bargain clothing.

I bought 2 jumpers and 2 pairs of pants. For the grand sum of $15. Good price. Crazy, crazy (truly) shopping though …


I really like this Zara jumper … I am quite keen on caramel at the moment (AND I think I MIGHT need a new pair of brown boots this winter …)


thrifty finds #8


The Mount Beauty op shop is only open from 10am to 12.30pm. It consists of two rooms and it is very hit and miss. But I hunted around and found a few treasures. Including this Elk top for 50 cents.

It’s pretty great huh? I went straight home and washed it and wore it. And it’s been my go to top for chillier summer nights (and the last couple of days – what’s with the weather?).

It is like wearing your own snugly blanket.