This is the post I was going to do last week.  I half wrote it, and then got distracted by Rocco … you can see that the jigsaws sit on the same shelf as Rocco.

Anyway, today I am finishing it.


Jemima loves jigsaws. And so we have quite a few at our house. Not too many though.  I did a cull last year and just kept the best ones.  I was very pleased to send all those ‘first jigsaws’, you know the wooden ones with handles and 5 pieces, to a new home via our school fete.

All our jigsaws are second hand I think. I have bought them mostly from school fetes.  Except the Degas one, which came from the op shop in the car park behind Fairfield shops.


I am partial to jigsawing myself, particularly on holidays … The Degas one is really mine … I just let the kids have a bit of a go at it!