clay beads and ace necklaces

We made these necklaces for the school fair craft stall.  

In actual fact we made most of the beads a year ago but never got around to firing them … And used the fair as an excuse to get going on this half forgotten project.

I am so happy with them  (well done crafty friends and me).  And they all sold. We will definitely make some more for the shop at Art4All I reckon (if we get time).  Look out for them Helen and Julie!

sometimes I buy new stuff (elk sale)

The Elk sale is on. Til Sunday. 296 Plenty Road, Preston (just north of Bell Street on the right hand side heading outbound). How super. I love a bargain.

I went yesterday. I was at Savers at 2pm on Sydney Road, Brunswick waiting to go into the change room when I suddenly remembered it was on. I just put all my stuff straight down and left. I felt like someone in a TV ad.  The girl at the change room door was a little miffed I think.

But I knew it was going to be good (even better than Savers) and I wanted to get there before school pick up.

And it was. I am going back today to buy some Christmas presents. Because with less than an hour to shop yesterday it was (pretty much) all about me!

Rings $2. Brooches $5. Necklaces $15. Shoes from $30. Handbags (you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t buy one – I’ve now got enough bags to sink a ship) and clothes.

Love. Love. Love.

Here’s what I got …

two pairs of shoes, 3 necklackes, a hat and two brooches ...

two pairs of shoes, 3 necklackes, a hat and two brooches … I’d just been thinking I needed a new hat

And out the front another shop, Notebook. All about stationery.  And other bits and bobs that I want to look at better.

I reckon Clive’s mum and four sisters would love some Elk jewellery for Christmas … don’t you?

A nice necklace would be the perfect accompaniment to a home made knitted dish cloth …. Well maybe not …

Maybe I’ll see you there today?

primary school fetes really are great

Fete season has arrived in our neck of the woods. Over the next month or two I plan my weekend around a school fete.  The ones at the top of my list (that I never miss) are Westgarth, Spensely Street, North Fitzroy and Clifton Hill.  And I think they happen in that order.

Westgarth was yesterday. I don’t always buy lots at this one, but I know lots of people at the school so it’s a social event.  It’s like a gentle and friendly lead in to ‘fete season’ for me.

This year I didn’t buy any clothes at all. Not to worry, my all time favourite clothes shopping fete is Spensely Street in Clifton Hill, and it’s on next Saturday.

Although … I did buy some jewellery from the clothes stall. $1 a piece.  Pretty good I reckon.  And a nice red Oroton wallet. It’s a bit worn, but that’s OK.  Oroton wallets last for ever.  And I quite like changing my wallet every now and then … and I don’t have a red one.


I also bought a few books at the book stall.  Two cook books for $2 each.  I am keen to get my head around tapas so that I have some trusty options under my belt.  This cookbook has a few recipes I am keen to try out. And I bought the sushi cook book to get some good ideas for fillings.  It also tells you how to roll the cone shaped sushi, tells you the history of sushi options and gives you a recipe to pickle your own vegetables.  Which is just the sort of info that I like.


And I also bought a couple of novels. The Getting Of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson, and The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler.  You’ve probably read them, but I haven’t.  I am looking forward to them both.

And now I can hardly wait for Spensely Street next weekend. I am not even taking the kids (I hope). Just me and those super second hand stalls.

Fete season … Yay!

One of my favourite times of the year.