inside out

pulled pork sushi

Every since I went to Momo on Smith Street a couple of months ago I have been dreaming of delicious pulled pork inside out nori rolls.  On the weekend I did a bit of online research, specifically typing in ‘pulled pork sushi’.  I came up with surprisingly few relevant items given how amazing it tastes.  But I did find some tips on a blog called


So, Dan’s advice (he’s the cook with the beard) was to make the pulled pork by putting some pork in the slow cooker with a bottle of barbecue sauce.  Well, I was SURE I could do that.  I bought a nice looking barbecue sauce when I was a Psarakos. And literally all I did was put a boned shoulder of pork into the slow cooker with the bottle of barbecue sauce and a teaspoon of salt. And I turned it on and cooked it for about 8 hours on high.  After about 5 hours the pork started to pull apart.  After 8 hours it was great!  I let it cool in the juices and chopped the pork up a bit, then packed it into some plastic containers in the fridge.  Truly, this was the easiest thing I have EVER COOKED!  At least one of them!  And it tasted good.


I am going to perfect a spicy coleslaw to make pork sliders next …

But on to the nori rolls and sushi.


I was keen to make inside out nori rolls, and so I covered the bamboo mat in glad wrap and spread out a layer of seasoned short grain rice.  Then I covered that with nori.  On the nori I put wasabi, the pulled pork and rocket leaves.  Then I rolled it up.  I kept the gladwrap on the roll while I cut it.  The first one I made I cut into about 7 pieces, but when we ate them they were a bit big, so the second one I cut it into 10 pieces and this was much better. The I rolled the edges in a mix of black and normal sesame seeds that I had toasted.  And I put a dollop of Japanese mayonaise and some fried shallots on top.


Soooo goood.  At Momo they have sweet pickled vegetatbles to accompany this dish.  I’m going to look out for some next time I go to the asian grocers.

I also made some sushi.  I used all the same ingredients, just heaped them on to top of the rice ball. I have a great sushi maker that I bought at Daiso.  It makes 5 at a time.  You just put the rice in, put the lid on to compact the rice into the little log shape and then take the lid off and push each sushi out.  They were just as good.

So, last night we ate pulled pork sushi and pulled pork inside out nori rolls.  Everyone liked them.  I served them on my little square dishes/trays that I picked up from the trash and treasure stall at the school fair in March.


If you are inspired you could make them yourself, or you could drop in to Momo for lunch and have them made by the experts … and when you are there you should try the soft shell crab as well.