homemade christmas

dino toothbrushing

I have been feeling very uncreative and quite uninspired about Christmas this year.  

My house is SO MESSY and SO FULL that the prospect of receiving more stuff in the form of Christmas presents has been depressing me (bah humbug, that’s been me for sure).  

And I just couldn’t think of things that other people needed either.

Well, until yesterday.  Because yesterday I was struck by inspiration and instead of cooking dinner for my 3 hungry children I turned some plastic dinosaurs into toothbrush holders for the younger members of my extended family.  How fun!  And of course something everyone needs – right?!

And so it is that with a brief squirt of spray paint and some quick cutting of plastic with a blade, all of a sudden I am feeling generally better about the world and looking forward to Christmas.  Ha ha.  It’s a fickle thing life, hey?

No doubt about it, a homemade Christmas is my favourite!

And then I also made some into pot plant holders …