the emu in our garden

Yesterday I did some gardening. I filled the whole green bin just with the weeds that had popped up along the front fence. Aagh.  I think I need to borrow Dad’s trailer for a tip run.  Anyway, weeding is a nice job to do on a spring day. And it’s community minded isn’t it? I am sure my neighbours appreciate my efforts.

And now passers by might notice our emu again.


Pricey (my brother-in -law Chris) made it a couple of years ago and gave it to me for Christmas (it fits right in to the second hand/home made criteria). He’s got a whole collection of rusty bits and bobs on the farm, and every now and then he does a bit of welding, and produces great things like this!!! Isn’t she lovely, She’s got the BEST eyelashes. And the shearing combs look great on the top of her head.

I love my emu. It really is nice to be able to see her again.

our new cubby


We’ve got a new cubby at our house. It’s made from the bamboo garden stakes that held up our tomatoes last summer, a nice bright pink gym mat and a very bushy jasmine that is growing on the fence … Along the driveway … Right outside the front door.




Welcome to our creative home … It’s a tidy view isn’t it?

Jemima and Scarlett (with the help of Annabelle) made it all by themselves a few weeks ago.  They love it.  Jemima has been inviting friends around to see her new cubby ever since.

And she is very proud of the fact that it stays dry.  The other morning she even suggested that perhaps she could sleep out there one night …

While I agree that it does stay dry (I can never keep any plants alive under that jasmine) it is also practically on the street.  So I am not sure that it’s really a great place for an 8 year old to sleep … What do you think?


a garden chair


Every couple of years someone makes a ‘garden chair’, that is, a chair turned into a garden, for the Art4All chair auction. This year Elise is having a crack …

She bought a white chair from the tip shop last weekend. She took it apart.   And spray painted it black.  And put it back together with a handy hessian and plastic ‘pouch’ now suspended under the seat.  And filled the pouch with soil.  And added plants.

She made it at my house … lucky me. I get to look at it (ie. store it and water it and keep it in tip top condition) for 4 weeks. All I can say is that if survives it’s time with me with the current amount of attention I am paying to house duties, it will survive anywhere!

Luckily she’s filled it up with succulents. And geraniums … so it’s pretty much indestructible. Fingers crossed …

It looks great, doesn’t it?