$28 well spent

In addition to my new Crocs this is what I got for my money at the fete.  

It includes (but is not limited to):

  • An Octonauts t-shirt for Hughie (and a 2 pairs of shorts and a polar fleece) 
  • A Quiksilver rashie for Pricey
  • Mambo board shorts for Cade
  • A bright pink rashie for Tahlia, and 
  • A great khaki Rip Curl cap.

I also got India a lovely dress, Jemima some fun fun fun ugboots and a great middle of winter scarf for me.  Oh, and some purple Lululemon 3/4 exercise pants (I need to do more exercise and I am sure a nice outfit will motivate me??!)

My second hand Christmas shopping is starting to come together now … 

patience is a virtue

This week on Tuesday I went shopping for Crocs in the real Croc shop.

I know.  They are not necessarily groovy.  But they ARE the best beach shoes. I think.  I like them because:

1. Sand doesn’t get stuck in them (my Saltwater sandals get a build up under my feet when I walk on sand in them and I have to keep taking them off and emptying them out)

2. You can wear them in the water without thinking twice (unlike Birkenstocks that get stiff in salt water)

3. They don’t flick sand up the back of your legs like thongs

 My old Crocs bit the dust this year and I thought perhaps I could cope without them … Until we went to Balnarring the other weekend.  And missed them so …

With the incentive of 4 weeks at the beach every day this summer I was on a mission.  But when I got there I couldn’t decide.  Chunky clog style like my old ones or something else?

Thankfully I went to Clifton Hill Primary School fete on Saturday.  And the decision was made for me.  I got a pair, barely worn in just my size for $2.  

Hooray.  Bright pink!  And to think I was considering black at the Croc shop.  Pink is heaps more interesting.

fete fate

I love second hand shopping at school fetes.  On Saturday I popped in to Spensely Street Primary School fete in Clifton Hill.

And I walked away with a great pair of sand shoes. $3.  In yellow.  I think they were practically new.  I wore them all day Sunday.

How great!