felted gloves

warm your hands


I have fully succumbed to winter and donned my fingerless gloves. I’ve got a few options. Now that I don’ t push a pram all the time my need for gloves has reduced, but still … These blue ones are my current favourites. I bought them at a primary school fete last year.

Then I have two home made options.


I made these bright pink ones by chopping off the sleeves of a jumper that I had sort of felted … and then doing some fairly shoddy (I admit) blanket stitch around the edges. These are actually pretty handy – thin warm wool, easy to keep in your pocket, look quite good on.


The other pair I made from an old scarf. I sewed the sides together with a sewing machine (leaving a thumb hole) to make a tube and then cut the ends. I crocheted into the loose stitches. I really like the look of these, and the idea, but actually, because they are made of synthetic rather than wool they are hopeless. If they get wet your hands feel freezing.

But they would be a great idea with real wool!