dinner set

the mill market ballarat

Last week we stopped in at The Mill Market on the city side of Ballarat and had a bit of a browse.  I always love these type of antique barn places that have individual stalls.

We didn’t have much time, and I didn’t buy anything, but I took a few inspiration snaps.  

First I found these chairs … only $10 each. For $80 someone could get an industrial chic look with these matching fun dining chairs. And I have a fondness for brown vinyl … I was tempted … if only we lived in a warehouse in Fitzroy …

And then I saw this yellow crockery.  It really was very lovey.  It looked more interesting in real life than in these pictures.  20 pieces for $295.  The man who owned the stall told me that the same company that made this also made the blue and white striped china that you see around (like my sugar bowl).  That’s why it caught my eye.  It looked old and good quality china-ish, but had such a unique pattern on it … And it was so cheery in yellow.

And these bird cushions were $10 each. Weird and interesting.

It’s funny what you notice.  It all depends on your mood right?