cross stitch pillows

Hmm … More craft that I ‘thrifted’ rather than made.

When I buy something crafty second hand from the op shop or a market I think about all the time and hard work that went in to making it.

It wasn’t my time obviously, but I appreciate it none-the-less.

These cushions caught my eye.  I really like the colours.  And they draw together the ecclectic look in India’s room.   So they’ve found a happy new home with us.

dear sue

Thanks so much for inviting me around to your place to make concrete pots.  It is was great to do craft at someone else’s house and lovely to catch up with you.  And in terms of the concrete, I am very inspired!  It didn’t make as much mess as I imagined.  Maybe the fact that you mixed it in a used flora margarine container rather than a concrete mixer helped?!!  Now I am anxiously waiting to hear how our candle holders and planters turn out!  How long will they take to dry? And will the tealight candles actually fit in the holes when the concrete dries? It’s so exciting.


And also … thanks so much for the leather. When I got home I dug in to my wallpaper stash to make some beads.  And threaded them on.  And cut the leather the right length for a necklace.  And how great does it look?  I am very chuffed.  It’s EVEN BETTER than I imagined.


I have enough leather to make four necklaces like this from the supplies you gave me, so please thank Mark for finding it.  He’s obviously got a thrifty eye!

OK, I had better go and get on with the jobs I was meant to do.  Less crafting, more cleaning …

Thanks again. See you at school!

Love Leanne

a twiggy christmas star

Our neighbours have a magnificent gum tree that hangs over our fence. I don’t know how long it will be there for, because one of the big limbs just dropped off in the storms a year or so ago.  And they got an arborist to take a look at it confirming that it’s on its last inner urban legs (it’s a short life for inner urban trees that drop branches).

And it’s a profilic twig dropper as well.  Which has been handy lately, becuase I have collected some and made myself a twiggy christmas star for our front door.


It’s cute isn’t it?

I got out my glue gun and glued the twigs into place, and then tied up the critical points with garden twine.

I tucked in some tiny spring/summer flowers – seaside daisy and salvia ‘hot lips’ – to make it a bit pretty.

I think I might collect some larger sticks and make a bigger one.  And use it as the base of a Christmas wreath.  With some more substantial flowers.

Clearly I am on a bit of a ‘nature craft’ roll.

Have you made anything crafty for Christmas this year?