some crafty ideas for Christmas 

I have been thinking about Christmas presents and making things.

Here are some ideas I have gathered in …

1.  Ceramic spoons

Look at the variety here.  Have you noticed that ceramic spoons are everywhere …  I reckon I could make some!

2. Concrete doorstops

I love these.  I found them on Pinterest.  Here’s the link to Craftgawker if you are similarly inspired.

3. Cute cards

I can manage a bit of doodling in a snowflake pattern.  I could make something like this.

4.  Painted chopping boards

These come from a creative soul.

5. Recycled bike tubes

My Aunty has requested a bike tube planter for Christmas.  Like the ones I made earlier this year.   I am also contemplating other great ideas for bike tubes.  Like this necklace which was sold by palepink on Etsy.

Or these pots.  Can’t find the original link, but I am going to give them a crack!

what i got at our second hand christmas

You know what?  Our second hand Christmas was great this year.  Again. What I like about a second hand Christmas is that it really doesn’t matter how much money you spent.  The price isn’t the point at all.  What everyone appreciates is the thought behind the present.  With a second Christmas the presents you get are personal.  Someone has seen something that reminds them of you. And bought it just for you.

For example, here’s some of what I got:

  • 3 serving platters from my Mum and Dad.  White with blue stripes.  Matching my willow pattern china.  Love.
  • a dress from Mezzy and Pricey (it’s a perfect beach dress and just what I need –  and Mez told me with delight that she got it in a ‘bag of clothes for $1’.  So that made it like 10 cents or something probably).
  • an Elizabeth David cookbook (second hand), a cooking blow torch (new) and some little baking dishes (second hand) from Elise and Nick.  I think Elise is suggesting I make creme brulee?!  Perhaps 2015 might be the year to master french cooking?




All presents just for me.  I am super happy.

it’s beginning to feel a lot like christmas …

You know how sometimes you just have little rules that you live by …  well, I have a rule about Christmas. That we put the tree up on 1 December. And not a day earlier.

I nearly compromised and did it on Sunday. But then I decided that November was a slippery slope, and I just didn’t want to go there.

So I waited one more day, and I dragged out the plastic tree ($5 at the op shop) yesterday. We used to have a real one.  It lasted about 5 years. It had a couple of years of looking small but quite good, and a couple of years of looking a bit wonky.  And then I repotted it and it died. The plastic one is indestructible and at least for the short term is perfect for us.  And it reminds me of my childhood.

I put the tree up while the girls were at school. And I went shopping for wrapping paper, and started wrapping all the second hand presents I had stored under the bed.  Hooray! I was super glad to get them out. It was getting pretty full under there.


This year I chose minty green wrapping paper. And my home made gift tags which feature washi tape for colour are matching nicely. Lovely.

When the girls got home they decorated the tree.

Every Christmas tree needs a theme right? Our theme doesn’t really revolve around colour. I stick to lights and an eclectic mix of individual decorations. That’s it. I try and add in a couple of new ones each year. And chuck out any that are looking a bit tired or trashy.


The big red and white striped balls are my new addition this year. They’ve got a bell in them and I really bought them because I thought Lolly our cat would like them (she loves chasing christmas decorations – they end up all over the house).

But mostly our tree reflects crafty projects and creative fun. There was the year we painted glass balls.  And the year Elise made felt with Tahlia’s kinder class and then cut out bells and trees and stars. And the year I sewed felt Christmas trees and added sequins to them.  And the year the girls threaded buttons at kinder.  And then last year India made a photo frame star at school …  And more.  Lots more.

Everyone at our house likes to add their own creations to the tree and talk about where they made them.  So it is definitely a group effort to decorate.  And a great way to celebrate crafty fun.

Do you have lots of home made things on your tree?