i officially finished xmas shopping yesterday …

At 1pm.  This year I did all the shopping for the kids in a 24 hour block … and I am still reeling from the shock of how much I spent.  Even though I tried to stick to buying things that they need  … rather than hamsters in the house, and hatchables, and the other crap they want (because they watch too much Go!). There’s a certain delusion in shopping over a 6 month period obviously (because I bought just the same amount of stuff as every other year).

Anyway … I have now moved on to a 24 hour cleaning frenzy.  With only 9 hours left, because we’re having neighbours for drinks at 5pm.  I like a target for cleaning so it doesn’t drag on endlessly!

Then we’ve got quite a relaxing Xmas day coming up where I am cooking something nice for only us and our respective parents … which will be a pleasure.

And then … this.  And the beach …

My holiday book pile of second hand books is growing and I am looking forward to diving in.

a present for the teacher

My sister Merryn is a kinder teacher and she definitely appreciates a home made present from her kinder kids.

And of course I love home made!  So I try to make something home made each year.  This year I spotted some nice big wooden stars at Albi Imports and thought they’d be perfect ‘cards’ … Of the more permanent variety.

So yesterday I went up to school and got all the kids in Scarlett’s class to write a message/draw a picture for their teacher.  And then I reduced them in size on the photocopier and pasted them on to both sides of the star. I had to reduce the pictures by 60% to fit them all on.

And then I mod podged them and varnished them … And half my day was gone!   But the star looks good I think!

another twiggy christmas

Are you sick of me yet?  Banging on endlessly with 101 crafty Christmas ideas?  

Never mind.  There’s only 22 days til Christmas now, so it won’t be forever!

I am revisiting that old chestnut, the twiggy Christmas star.  This time I am combining my glue gun with some coloured cotton.  

What do you think?