i love blue (but I definitely don’t need it)

On Tuesday I popped into the op shop in the carpark at Fairfield shops.  And ran into the lovely Ril and Elena.  Elena bought the best necklace and Ril got a super apron. I nearly left empty handed.  But then I came across this china.


And I couldn’t resist THE WHOLE LOT for $2. That was calculated at 20 cents a piece by the lady in the shop. I really don’t need it.  So, I have packed it away (I’ll have to have a china clearing sale one day I think for all the bargains I couldn’t resist).  Anyway, before I packed them away I took a few snaps.

There are nine pieces of matching J&G Meakin china with lovely blue roses.

And then this cute little Johnson Bros. side plate. I love this blue colour so much and it looks great with the gold.


I love blue (things)

I am at my Mum’s and she’s not here and I am taking some sneaky photos of her blue stuff. This is all just in her back kitchen and family room area.


My Mum doesn’t really like cooking, but she likes the things associated with it.   She’s got two lovely butter dishes out on display for example (although she doesn’t eat dairy, so she doesn’t actually use them).  And she owns the most beautiful biscuit barrel, the blue one.  Oh, I love it, love it, love.  I think it was Nanna’s?!


And  I also covet the stained glass cupboard that she stores all her platters etc. in.  The blue in it always looks beautiful.

So many things look extra good in blue!

Thanks Mum (I wonder if she’ll notice that I moved some things around before she reads this post?).

cream johnson bros.

Two years ago I started a collection of Johnson ware cups because 1. I liked the fineness of the china and 2. they could handle the dishwasher.  They cheer me up immensely for my morning cup of coffee, and it is lovely to serve tea to anyone who pops past with some nice china and a teapot.   With these out you can’t go wrong!

Op shops are a great source of Johnson ware, but as it is becoming more popular and less of it is out there to be discovered for a bargain, there are other more reliable places to shop … the secondhand shop on High Street in Thornbury, for example, sells mixed china for $5 a piece.