motivation to finally finish the kitchen

So, it’s been a year, pretty much, since we renovated our kitchen.  And yes, we’ve still got the tiling to go.  I know.  I should ring the tiler.  Yes I already have the tiles.  Yes, I have a tiler in mind.  OK, I’ll do it as soon as Art4All is over.

In the meantime, on Tuesday I thought that perhaps the time had come to clean out the pantry.  While I cooked tea I emptied the shelves and wiped them down, took stuff out of packets and put it into jars and did a general tidy.  It looked so much better.  Last night, while I cooked tea, I thought that perhaps my lovely ‘swan tray’ could do with clean and a tidy up as well.


Just at the start I want to say … how super is it?  I’d love to say where I got it, but I can’t remember (which is very unlike me).  I am sure I only paid a couple of dollars for it though.

I find that sometimes I see things that I love, and buy them, and then bring them home and I am not quite sure what to do with them.

This tray, and all that permanently resides on it, fits into this category.  Except for the salt container.  I always knew what that was for …

So, this tray found a home next to my stove.  And it stores all the ‘things one needs handy in the kitchen, but might make a mess on the bench’.   That includes the cooking salt container (second hand from the Salvo’s Abbotford).  And I have taken to using that most gorgeous of gorgeous blue dish for garlic, and the cute little flower dish (which is a new addition) I sometimes use for spoons (you know, when you need to keep your wooden spoon by your cooking and don’t want to just leave it on the bench to make a puddle) and sometimes for matches.  We’ve got an old-school stove that requires matches (we used to rent our house before we bought it, and the stove/oven is definitely of the ‘rental house’ variety).

And then there are the cooking utensils in a lovely vintage mason jar (Elise gave me a set of 3 for our second hand Christmas), and cooking oil and vinegar.

I would like to point out the Amess Street vinegar specifically.  Amess Street was the second last share rental house I lived in … so this vinegar is nearly 20 years old.  I made it for presents one Christmas when I was a student and didn’t have any money.  I keep it mainly for sentiment … but it still tastes good …


So, once I had cleaned all these little things I put the tray back where it belongs.  On the bench next to the stove.

Yes Mum, I know, this photo and my kitchen and house in general would all look heaps better with the tiles… because they are really going to be gorgeous and I love them so much …and really, this photo does look dreadful …I am actually contemplating as I write this whether I should remove it from the post … but no, I am going to use it as motivation to FINALLY FINISH THE KITCHEN.