thrifty finds #4


Best book buy of the holidays so far. Nanny McPhee is one of my most favourite kids movies. And Nurse Matilda is the book it is based on.

I have been looking out for this book for a couple of years. And finally found it at Anglesea op shop. I read it in an hour. The kids are going to love it … Such naughty children …

… this is what they were doing:

Francesca had filled the Tiny Baby’s bottle with baby-food and was feeding the dogs with it.
Little Quentin had drawn flowers all up the walls and was watering them from the big brown nursery teapot.
Antony was filling up the nursery inkwells with runny red jam.
Nicholas had collected all the Little Ones’ dolls and was lining them up for execution.
Sophie was shampooing Henrietta’s hair with glue.
All the other children were doing simply dreadful things too.

Don’t you think?

they’re finished!

Yay!  My stools are made. No major hiccups. And I am very pleased with them.

Given that I don’t have an island bench, I popped past Elise’s to give them a test run.

So … I think they look great as bar stools.


And then I tried them as bedside tables.

And they could even be used as coffee tables.

I hope someone buys them in the chair auction at Art4All this year.