thrifty finds #7

I am still collecting blue things. I don’t want to get too carried away of course. But these little ceramic coasters are pretty cute. And will be handy. We often use coasters on the timber table in the lounge room. And they only cost $1. Thanks Mount Beauty op shop.

beaches, mountains and tea

imageNew week. New holiday. Goodbye beach. Hello mountains … we’ve abandoned Rosebud and relocated to Mount Beauty.

I was home overnight. Long enough to do two loads of washing, a food shop and a big cull of clothes.  We just had too much baggage!  And then we jumped in to the car for the four hour drive.

Oh, and I also had time to find a spot for my little Rosebud memento. This cute tea canister. I bought it at Once Upon A Time. Which is one of those antique shops that has stalls. About 50.  And the stall I bought this from was set up beautifully.  Would you have be tempted?


My little canister sitting in amongst the other lovely things on the a.foot stall

I love blue (things)

I am at my Mum’s and she’s not here and I am taking some sneaky photos of her blue stuff. This is all just in her back kitchen and family room area.


My Mum doesn’t really like cooking, but she likes the things associated with it.   She’s got two lovely butter dishes out on display for example (although she doesn’t eat dairy, so she doesn’t actually use them).  And she owns the most beautiful biscuit barrel, the blue one.  Oh, I love it, love it, love.  I think it was Nanna’s?!


And  I also covet the stained glass cupboard that she stores all her platters etc. in.  The blue in it always looks beautiful.

So many things look extra good in blue!

Thanks Mum (I wonder if she’ll notice that I moved some things around before she reads this post?).