block mounted

down on the farm (quilts etc.)

Yesterday I mentioned Hughie’s quilt. And then I was looking back through my photos and came across these photos of his quilt, so I thought I would get around to writing about it. This was my last (and best) quilt. I really love the colours. And I did the corners properly on the edging, and everything.




Hughie and Mietta share a room at the moment, and I took this picture of the old timber bed frame, suitcase underneath and faded gorgeous quilt in their room (I was v. jealous when Merryn found this) with the quilt I made on top. Apart from the handmade quilt everything in the photo it is second hand and collected with love.

Mum made the pictures on the wall. She cut up an old book and block mounted the pages. They look great don’t they?


And how lovely is the wall colour? Merryn knew exactly what she wanted in her head so she got out her proper acrylic painting paints and mixed up the colour. And then took it to the paint shop and got her sample colour matched. She did a great job getting it just right. It looks excellent in every light.