hamilton op shopping

On Friday Merryn and I dragged the children around the op shops of Hamilton.  They were very good!


There’s a Salvos, a Vinnies, a Lifeline op shop, one associated with the hospital (my personal fave) and a new one that mainly has furniture and is located in an old pub, The Argyle.

That’s five op shops.


I was quite a restrained. Here’s what I got ….


A pair of birky’s for Jemima with a unicorn on one and a fairy on the other.

IMG_5246And a matching poncho … That’s matching the shoes AND Maya (Jemima’s friend who also has a poncho).


And a crocheted blanket (don’t need it, just like it).


And two yellow Johnson ware side plates (I couldn’t pass them by).

And Scarlett got given a toy for free (which stopped an awful lot of complaining) … And Keely was given a head band.  Hamilton has great op shops.  And we didn’t even visit the tip shop this time …