clay beads and ace necklaces

We made these necklaces for the school fair craft stall.  

In actual fact we made most of the beads a year ago but never got around to firing them … And used the fair as an excuse to get going on this half forgotten project.

I am so happy with them  (well done crafty friends and me).  And they all sold. We will definitely make some more for the shop at Art4All I reckon (if we get time).  Look out for them Helen and Julie!

old beads and other great stuff

On Friday night Elise and I went to Melbourne Art Fair for some inspiration. It is just amazing how talented so many people are.

The first thing I took a photo of were these sticks by Karl Wiebke at Liverpool Street Gallery. They looked so great all standing up along a wall together.

Then I got caught up in art and forgot about photos until I reached Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.


She had quite a variety of work on display from different artists,and I liked it all.   There were fabulous maps of New York (I don’t know who they were by, but they were really great), bird feathers with images of birds printed on them by Rebecca Jewell (amazing).

And these amusing book shelf prints by Phil Shaw.

And a couple of Jackie Case’s black and whites for sale too.  Jackie is putting in some coloured works to Art4All this year and I’ll be very tempted …

And William Mora Galleries had truly the most amazing wall sized black and white works of towering gumtrees in the bush.  By Brian Martin. They’d all sold.  And I didn’t take a photo.

Oh, and there were also these great clay heads that reminded me of muppets from Sesame Street (all sold too). By Brendan Huntley with Tolarno Galleries.  He’s done some portraits of them as well which were fun.

Anyway, on to art with a second hand theme.  Here are my very last snaps before my phone battery died.

Check out this bead picture. Amazing. Imagine if the necklaces were all collected individually …  5% left …

And these painted wooden bats . I love these colours with the old timber.  3% left … and that’s it!

We were there for 2.5 hours and had to rush to see everything. Next time it’s on I’ll be going earlier … and making sure I have a functioning camera with me!