bamboo stakes

our new cubby


We’ve got a new cubby at our house. It’s made from the bamboo garden stakes that held up our tomatoes last summer, a nice bright pink gym mat and a very bushy jasmine that is growing on the fence … Along the driveway … Right outside the front door.




Welcome to our creative home … It’s a tidy view isn’t it?

Jemima and Scarlett (with the help of Annabelle) made it all by themselves a few weeks ago.  They love it.  Jemima has been inviting friends around to see her new cubby ever since.

And she is very proud of the fact that it stays dry.  The other morning she even suggested that perhaps she could sleep out there one night …

While I agree that it does stay dry (I can never keep any plants alive under that jasmine) it is also practically on the street.  So I am not sure that it’s really a great place for an 8 year old to sleep … What do you think?