Art4All 2014

I am SOO exhausted. I was at school for more than 12 hours every day since Thursday.  And I don’t think I sat down for more than 5 minutes at a time for all those hours. My feet feel like I’ve just done an 8 hour shift at Maccas (that was a long time ago).  And now it’s all over for another year. Everything went very smoothly. Hooray. The weather was great. The food was delicious. The art was super.  Everyone did so much!

Here’s some things I made (jewellery, dish cloths, salad servers) and some bits and pieces (including those boxes and my mannequin) put to good use in the shop.

The ARTzone was full of kids being creative all day Sunday.  I think this is my favourite part of Art4All.  Here’s some recycled art … build your own rocket ship in the construction room.




And some detail from Van Gogh’s Dot Room from Sunday afternoon.  It went from white to very colourful.  And I think there are still 1000+  dots for the kids to stick up at school this week … I like Yoyo’s signature … I wrote LEA in there too, but it didn’t look as cool as her name!

For me the show, Cirque Disarray was a real highlight. The actors fromBorn in a Taxi were just lovely to deal with and I laughed from the beginning to the end of the show.  I had sore cheeks from laughing so much! Especially as Clive, India and Hamish all got starring roles.


the white room

Oh Trish, Sarah, Rachel and Marg, it looks sooooo good!  All your organising has paid off already … and Art4All hasn’t even started yet!


On the weekend at the working bee we cleared out the shipping container that is on permanent loan from Linfox to the school. On Monday Steve came and painted it white (thanks Steve). Yesterday the furniture went in.


Marg bought the bed from a friend (it’s much better than the one I found). Some frames came from the op shop. The chairs are second hand, there’s some old shirts … it’s recycled heaven.

And it looks just like Van Gogh’s bedroom. But white.  See?


Today Marg is going to take each class in to the ‘dot room’ and each student will get to stick up JUST ONE DOT … a taster of what’s going to happen at Art4All. And to start the dot ball rolling …

Mind you, we have 1000s of dots to put up over the weekend, maybe 6000 or more.  And some are really big … 10cm wide.   So I imagine at Art4All everyone will be given a sheet of dots, not just one.

How fun. I can hardly wait to add some dots myself … I hope I get a BIG one.

Note the dotty path leading to the container … that’s my contribution. I cut the dots out of the same fake grass that went down under Milkshake. And then enlisted some helpers to paint (thanks kids)!!!

cows and elephants

This week I am officially obsessed. The school art show is on this weekend and I am waking up at 5am thinking about what I need to do next and jumping out of bed to add to my lists.

On the weekend so many people came to the working bee and did great stuff at school. Like reinstalling Milkshake. Milkshake is the fibreglass cow that lives in the schoolyard. But her horns were broken off a while ago, and she has been out of commission. Recently she was repaired and then her horns were re-painted by the grade 6 kids last week, and she has triumphantly returned on a patch of fake grass.

This grass is the recycled element of the post. It has been sitting around at school for 5 years. And now it is being used. Hooray. It looks so good.

And then if having Milkshake back wasn’t thrill enough, a 420kg 3 metre high elephant arrived on Sunday night! On a car trailer.

Clive took this snippet of video of it travelling through the Burnley Tunnel.  Geoffrey Ricardo has kindly loaned the school ‘The End, The Beginning’ for Art4All. It looks so fabulous in the school grounds.

The kids have been in heaven. They’ve spent lunchtime lying out on the grass and playing with the cow and/or enthusiastically ringing the bell inside the elephant.

Art4 All is going to be great this year!