I’ve been doing a bit of framing …

I love Kate Hudson’s prints. I bought this one last year at Art4All, unframed. And ta da … finally DONE!


I bought this frame and mat at the Salvos Op Shop in Abbotsford last week. It was in cellophane. A print had been framed up but never sold. There were a bunch of frames there in the same condition clearly from a shop that donated it’s stock. Lucky me. I got it for $10.


I decided to float the work in front of the mat. So I mounted the print on foam core board with a special glue that won’t wreck the paper. Then I mounted the foam core board on the mat that came with the frame. And then I put it all back together and I used my staple gun to reattach the backing board and keep it securely in place. Finally I taped it all back up again. And hung it on the wall.


I am super happy with the colour of the frame. It looks great with my couch. And the work sits nicely alongside the black and white print by Mary Anne Purita.

birds, bunnies and horses

The chickens out my studio window must be subliminally influencing me, or Lolly our cat, or maybe it’s just the menagerie feeling that comes with one cat and seven chickens and three children … as my Art4All purchases this year all had a bit of ‘animal’ about them.

First I bought this little owl by Erin Greer. All owls should wear crowns I think …


And with regard to this blog, there is definitely a bit recycling going on with this work, particularly with the frame and mat. How great are they … I don’t need things to be perfect, I like interesting, and I don’t think there were any other works in the gallery in a vintage frame!!!

Then, I bought two prints in the shop this year. By Marianna Marx. Another bird. Titled The Collector. As a bit of a collector I can relate.


And a horse. Titled Lucy’s Journey Part 1. If I ever HAVE to own a horse (you’re so right, I wasn’t horsey as a child, horses aren’t my thing) this is exactly what I’d like mine to look like.


And then, how lucky am I … Elise bought me a Kyoko Imazu unframed work. Big bunny and small bunnies … Titled Gathering.


It looks SOOO good at home.

4 things to hang. How exciting. I’ll add them to the Kate Hudson work from last year that still sits unframed on my buffet … No I won’t, I’ll get them framed! I will!

the white room

Oh Trish, Sarah, Rachel and Marg, it looks sooooo good!  All your organising has paid off already … and Art4All hasn’t even started yet!


On the weekend at the working bee we cleared out the shipping container that is on permanent loan from Linfox to the school. On Monday Steve came and painted it white (thanks Steve). Yesterday the furniture went in.


Marg bought the bed from a friend (it’s much better than the one I found). Some frames came from the op shop. The chairs are second hand, there’s some old shirts … it’s recycled heaven.

And it looks just like Van Gogh’s bedroom. But white.  See?


Today Marg is going to take each class in to the ‘dot room’ and each student will get to stick up JUST ONE DOT … a taster of what’s going to happen at Art4All. And to start the dot ball rolling …

Mind you, we have 1000s of dots to put up over the weekend, maybe 6000 or more.  And some are really big … 10cm wide.   So I imagine at Art4All everyone will be given a sheet of dots, not just one.

How fun. I can hardly wait to add some dots myself … I hope I get a BIG one.

Note the dotty path leading to the container … that’s my contribution. I cut the dots out of the same fake grass that went down under Milkshake. And then enlisted some helpers to paint (thanks kids)!!!