thrifty finds #4


Best book buy of the holidays so far. Nanny McPhee is one of my most favourite kids movies. And Nurse Matilda is the book it is based on.

I have been looking out for this book for a couple of years. And finally found it at Anglesea op shop. I read it in an hour. The kids are going to love it … Such naughty children …

… this is what they were doing:

Francesca had filled the Tiny Baby’s bottle with baby-food and was feeding the dogs with it.
Little Quentin had drawn flowers all up the walls and was watering them from the big brown nursery teapot.
Antony was filling up the nursery inkwells with runny red jam.
Nicholas had collected all the Little Ones’ dolls and was lining them up for execution.
Sophie was shampooing Henrietta’s hair with glue.
All the other children were doing simply dreadful things too.

Don’t you think?

carpet sweeping with hoky

IMG_5315It really is very hard to walk past a product that is SUCH a beautiful blue colour and has the name ‘Hoky’.

I bought this little carpet sweeper at the Anglesea op shop yesterday for the bargain price of $10.

I have fond carpet sweeping memories. My Nanna who had the most immaculate house in the world loved her carpet sweeper.

And Katrina’s Nanna’s holiday house at McCrae, which is my holiday house benchmark is ONLY cleaned by carpet sweeper.

So maybe this invention will also be MY housekeeping saviour … Although despite the witch logo (which definitely implies some magical powers), I think you do still have to get it out, push it around and empty it … oh the challenges of house cleaning …


Anyway, this carpet sweeper is the most stylish one I have ever seen. It was made in Japan by the Fukuba company, and was patented all over the world. And I can see why. The brush is super, the little rubber trim around the edge stops it bumping into things, it is lightweight and practical to manoeuvre around and it seems to work …


What a great buy. A carpet sweeper was definitely on the ‘back of my mind’ list of things to look out for at the op shop. I reckon it might even give Elise’s beloved hand held Dyson a run for it’s money.

anglesea op shop – is it the best in the world?

We are super lucky to be down at Airey’s Inlet, and yesterday I headed in to Anglesea for some op shopping.

Hello Seaside Seconds!


I love the kitchen room at this op shop. Actually I love every room at this op shop. And straight away I found 2 little containers for the kids to take hot food to school. Thermos brand, spoons included. How great! And check out these saucepans, heavy, enamelled, great condition, excellent shape, super kitsch … They’ll add a touch of ‘fun floral european yesterday’ to wherever they finally reside.




And for me a pair of skinny leg Zara jeans. And for our couch a bone cushion cover …


And I got some mags for 20 cents each – holiday reading and crosswords in front of the fire. Perfect. Bathrooms, kitchens, Royals. Bring on the bad weather, I am ready!