how to …

I really like making things.  When I get sick of  all the boring stuff I turn to crafty and practical projects to cheer me up.  Here’s some things that I have done that might inspire you.  The order is random, you’ll just have to scroll through …

Make yourself a knitted dishcloth


Turning second hand wine barrels into vegie patches

an outdoor project

Using Driftwood – Idea No. 1

a driftwood project or two

Recycle an old jumper to make hand warmers

warm your hands

How to make a golf cake (for the dad who loves golf)

happy birthday dad!

Make your own oil diffuser – use a vintage jar

blogging and dusting

An upholstery project – tea towel foot stools

some new tea towels

What I did to restore my timber pidgeon hole shelves

an appropriate welcome to my second hand home

A great idea for numbering your house

numbers and letters - give away

How to shellac (my coffee table)

my new coffee table gets a good shellacking -

Making cardboard necklaces – a cheap and easy kids activity


Make yourself a mini IPAD cover …

a 'me' cover for my mini ipad -

My dad restored our childhood dolls house

merel-lea cottage -

Can a tapestry look cool?

The jury is still out on this one, but here’s how I went about restoring the frame on this tapestry.

i don't do things by half (my new tapestry)

How to … make a macrame pot plant hanger from pink string


Screen printing tea towels 101

Elise's phone download August 2012 419

How to make a jewellery display block (from a block of wood)

making jewellery display blocks -

More screenprinting – upcycling clothes

screenprinting (upcycling) t-shirts -

Make your own fire lighters (ie. bundles of sticks) – they look great!

use no. 2 for a wooden box -

How to restore a chopping board

the best cheese board ever -

Toadstool cushions

Buy the material at IKEA and make your own toadstool cushions.

gelignite and toadstools -

Another upholstering project

the tablecloth chair -

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