inspiring businesses

Some of the best places to see the potential of styling with second furniture is in cafes and restaurants.  I ALWAYS choose to hang out and revisit cafes and pubs and restaurants with a bit recycled style.  They are generally more quirky and interesting and feel a bit more comfortable.  Like home.

Here are some good ones to check out ….

Jam and Cream in Heidelberg if full of second hand love and great ideas.

jam and cream

the best scones ever?

A bit recycling and 80s earthernware at Thomson Street Foodstore

when a cafe is better than a milk bar -

when a cafe is better than a milk bar

Fun in Clifton Hill

mixed business -

mixed business

I like the garden ideas at the Herbert, Northcote

the herbert –

So creative at Greenhorse, Northcote.

horses -

horses –

Great coffee and chairs, Harvest in Fairfeld

harvest -

harvest –

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