inspiring houses

Lucinda and Patrick’s 1960s architect designed house in Dunkeld, in the western district of Victoria has the most gorgeous view of the Grampians, and is full of fun furniture.


what a view – another grampians house

Ali and Norm live in Fairfield, but Ali is a farm girl at heart.  And she is super crafty.  And a profilic cook.  And she has a house full of things to admire.

an urban farm girl (part 1)

an urban farm girl (part 1)

Here’s a house in Brunswick.  And it is a real Brunswick house.  Michelle and Drew have all the cool stuff … and great art.

hills, urban design (and bikes)

Elise and Nick have  a lovely house.  A bit antiquy.  A bit modern.  Interesting art.  A bit of PNG inspiration.  It’s a good mix.

the master bedroom with a second hand blackwood bed and Ikea 100% linen doona, art by Jenny Riddle -

it was the worst house in a great street


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