Daylesford blue

Yesterday morning (for about half an hour) the sky looked like this.


To make the most of it Kylie and I dragged the 5 kids to the Daylesford Mill Market …

Yep.  We took them inside.  And to add to the experience not one of them actually looked at anything when we were in there.  Instead they sat in the cafe area and played games together.  

Where have I gone wrong?  No …. I won’t despair.  I will celebrate instead how well behaved and self sufficient they are becoming (good work kids).

Anyway, truth is I looked enough for everyone.  And found lots of great things.  Blue things.  See?


There was the cute blue and white sewn cozy, the lovely floral china plates, the stripey salt and pepper shakers (they’d match my jars and sugar bowl wouldn’t they), this teddy wearing the most gorgeous hand knitted teddy bear jumper (even with a hole it was cute), plastic bowls (what a beautiful blue, and very practical, right?) and finally another dinner set featuring blue checks and black dots on the rim … how fun!

And that’s only the blue things … 

Have you found any treasures at the Mill Market in Daylesford? 


I used to work with a guy who travelled in to Melbourne every day from Gisborne, which is near Bacchus Marsh, on the way to Ballarat.  He caught the train.  And I always imagined Gisborne as outer suburbia.  And I wondered why he lived there.

Yesterday I finally took the Gisborne exit off the freeway.  Because Jemima had soccer there.  And it was SOOO much better than I anticipated.  Like a little country town.  But with a good amount of shops.  In a picturesque valley.  I can now see the appeal.

But it was really cold.  I swear to god it was sunny when I got up in Melbourne.  I took my down jacket in case of emergencies – thank goodness!  As we approached Gisborne this dark cloud hovered and the wind whipped up.  Gisborne weather was described on the weather app. as ’11 degrees, feels like -1 degree’.  Yep.  I was cold in my jacket.  I had to go buy a beanie as well.

Luckily the monthly market was on and I found a good one there.  And got to admire loads of knitting and crochet … and I sought out some crochet tips. 

But I digress.  Because I wanted to mention the cool cafe there.  Three Little Pigs.  And the owners last name.  Not Mr Wolf – which would have been good too – but Mr Bacon (I was taking a photo and his Dad who was cleaning the table next to ours told me).  How fun!


 I liked the decor.  Look, a number like my house numbers.  I like it in red.  Look, wooden boxes.  With a variety of pigs on display.  Nice.  And the reclaimed chairs.  And the little boxes on the tables.  And the brown glass bottle for the sugar …  I wonder if these came from Mr Vintage in Sparks Avenue …

It was packed, the cafe.  And had a great little kids area.  Better than so many places in my ‘hood.

What a great place to play soccer!  I came home and felt like I’d done something and been somewhere …so much better than the back blocks of Preston.  

markit (the day i rode my bike to town)

This week you might think that I am living in the past.  Last Sunday to be exact.  It was a great day!  I went to Markit at Federation Square in the morning.  On my bike.

And I showed ENORMOUS restraint and only bought 2 things.  An Angus and Celeste hanging planter that I generously gifted to Clive.  And a super print by Elizabeth Barnett.  The colours are great.  And it looks excellent in a black frame.  And I feel like I am in the vibe of her current show on at the new Gallery associated with the Design Files (which I have actually only seen in photos on Instagram).  

Anyway … Along the way I took note (and a snap or two) of the second hand stall styling in amongst admiring the wares on offer. 

I think this block to display jewellery is a great idea


This rack was made by the stall owners Dad and husband (I asked)


Boxes, boxes, boxes … and the planter for the dangles is a good idea too


A nice collection of suitcases that double as, well, suitcases to lug the stock around

And finally, here are three new things that I haven’t seen before that I really liked.  I am thinking about suppliers for the gallery shop at Art4All ….


Two Sourced is in Abbotsford, just a hop, skip and a jump from Fairfield


This print is by


I was drawn to these black and white resin pots … and to Keep Resin’s nice big salad servers