chopping boards

I have been thinking about chopping boards.

When we were in Daylesford there was a stall at the Mill Market just selling chopping boards.  

And then of course last year when I went to the Design Files Open House I noticed and talked about the chopping boards there.

Hmm.  Maybe I’ll add chopping boards on to my ‘next project’ list.

yellow cheer

Two noticeably cheery yellow things in Brunswick on a bleak Melbourne day.

1. Flowers

2.  Beer


i called in to Jack Horner for a coffee before my pottery lesson

And look, I made a bowl!  


when caffeine is a good friend

Here’s my little altar to caffeine.  And crockery.  And Johnson ware.  And all things blue.


matchy match but not toooo matchy, I hope?

 I LOVE everything in this corner of my kitchen.  

My Aunty just gave me four willow pattern cups and saucers for my birthday.  She bought them at Savers. 

So … I did a bit of reorganising to squeeze them in.   And they really add to the whole thing don’t you think?  

Thanks Adele!